Monday 13 June 2016

Book review: Tales of Mothers

Cover page

Recently I love to read books about motherhood and one of my favorite is Tales of Mother: The Greatest Love. I bought this book in MPH SACC around last year (I don't really remember the exact date or month). I was actually just browsing through some new books and don't have intention to buy any of it. But suddenly I drop my eyes on this book and read through the back cover and I feel it is quiet interesting plus the price is affordable. So i bought it. 

As soon as I read the introduction, I find that it is actually more than interesting, this book is perfect for those who want to read about real life stories of mothers, Malaysian mothers. It is a compilation of stories of Malaysian mother who struggle with their marriage, study, work, money, and other problems while raising their loved ones which is their children. 

Back page 

One of my favorite story is The Choosen Ones, written by Mardhiyyah Sahri who give birth to a preemie twin and one of them couldn't make it and passed away due to TTTS (Twin to twin Transfusion Syndrome). The one who survive later was diagnosed with Celebral Palsy. I cried reading her stories. This bring back the memories when i give birth to Fateh. All praise to Allah. My baby survive and I can't imagine myself being in the shoes of mothers who are raising special needs child. May Allah bestowed them with patience and love. 

More reason why I love this book is the way it is written. It uses simple English, thus making reading process more fun (because you don't have to flip the dictionary often). At the end of this book, there is also a section from experts who share some parenting tips making this book worthwhile to be read. 

Inside the book

However one thing that are lack in this book is stories about average mothers. Most of the stories shared in this book is about mothers who are actually quite good in academic, or have a good family background. It would be more interesting if they can share stories about about mother who drop their high school, getting married at early age, or mothers who taking care of their sick husbands and struggle to raise her kids, or maybe teenagers who making mistakes and having a baby without husband. I am sure there are strong mothers like this outside there and their stories should be share in any of books like this to inspire more mothers like me. 

Till then. Assalamualaikum. 

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