Tuesday, 19 March 2013

DIY wedding shoes

The toughest mission during my wedding preparation is to find suitable wedding shoes for me. Ya susah. Sebab kaki saya kaki gajah besar. For my weeding i prefer to wear flat shoes even it is not flattering as high heels.. Katanya... I bought this shoes at Isetan in one utama exactly one week before my wedding. Yeapp one week. And DIY the lace exactly one day before my solemnization. I do everything last minute. Phew.. 

 My DIY (lace) wedding shoes.

 Inspired by this.

 And this.

This shoes only cost me rm 69.90 and it is really a good investment for me i guess. Some people spend hundreds over for a shoes that they probably wear it once the lifetime. Such a waste of money. It comes with pearl and stones embellishment on top of it and later on I paste lace fabric at the back to make it more exclusive. Exclusive lah sangat kan. Tapi ramai orang yang puji kata cute. You can always look for tutorial on how to glue lace fabric on your shoes. Here are some of good tutorial that i found. I hope it can help you. Happy DIYing.

 Tutorial two


  1. fani tinggi..boleh la pakai flat shoes..

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