Wednesday, 17 June 2015

selling cornflakes meringue

Sorry for being hiatus for quite some time. I have been busy with life, 24 hours in a day is not enough for me. Currently, I have been involved with food business, small business I must say. This is a only a small project for Hari Raya. However it is, i still looking for time to do my sewing and crocheting project! I DEFINITELY HAVE TO SCHEDULE MY WORKS PROPERLY. Phew!  

Few updates on my life: 

  • I got a new job in Shah Alam museum. 5 minutes driving from my home. Weeehooo. (Trust me once you are a museum girl, you will always be a museum girl). 
  • My son is now 15 months, and he now able to walk on his own. What a strong boy Fateh. I still remember the moment he still in incubator and the nurse feed him using a syringe because he is too small to feed on his own. Oh, my baby boy has grown up! 
  • I am now learn to start my own business apart from my business venture with my Teja Girls. 
  • I gain weight!!! 
  • ok. i think that is enough for today. 

The main thing is that, i want to promote my very own product (haha) which is Cornflakes Meringue. I am selling in a jar, consist of 50-55 pieces, for only RM23.00!!!! This cookies is VERY CRUNCHY and NOT TOO SWEET. If anyone interested you can email me at

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