Thursday, 10 January 2013

so many cards so little money... making your own card wallet.

Getting married in 2 months... i is excited!! Ok lah tipu, i is excited plus nervous.. like hell. (my mother keep reminds me not to write about my wedding in public but i just couldn't help it. hiks.) At this time, i regret that i actually agreed to make my own bunga telur. Oh Farhani, why you no think before you throw  decide? However, i pray that everything is is going to be fine. I hope that I can finish my bunga telur on time, i can follow my diet program, and i have enough money to pay for everything. Ameen.. May Allah ease my way. 

Surprisingly, while in the midst of wedding preparation, i actually managed to finished order from a friend who requested me to made her a card wallet. i mean cards wallet. Wallet that can fit about 10 membership cards (or even more!). Women will always be women i guess. Hehe. Anyway, I get the patterns from this blog.... Ops correction, she gets the pattern from this blog, and customized me to make one for her. I use 3 types of fabric with different patterns. This is the first time i am making something like this and i pretty like the end product even though the stitch is not very tidy (need to admit it) but my friend still likes it. And I LIKE IT TOO. Please have a look at my handmade product.
(Eh baru teringat, gambo takda sebab handset rosak.. T____T ) So this is the picture from the patterns owner. Credit to her.

So many card so little space, ke so many cards so little money gitew.. Kad keahlian banyak bukan main, tapi duit nak beli barang takda.. haha..(aku lettew)