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I am Farhani and welcome to Made by Farhani. Sorry if you find my story isn't as interesting as you or other people. I just want to share my background so that you (my dearest reader) at least can get to know me better before going through my blog. 

I lived with my husband somewhere in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. This coming october I will be 26 years old (auwwww.. not so old right?) I completed my degree in oreooleochemistry and after working as sales engineer for almost a year, I send my resignation letter and pursue my master degree in Science and Environmental Journalism. Now i end up working as a Jr. Curator in one of the museums in Malaysia after my application to work in a science center was rejected. Huu. Life is tough.

So which part of my life that leads me to the world of crafting and DIY? The 'intention' to learn about knitting emerged when i was doing my master. I learned the basic of knitting from my friend and stopped. I never try to knit until now. After I start to work in the museums, I met several people who does crafting. I went to the book fair and ACCIDENTALLY bought a book on amigurumi. I learned to crochet from the book, through videos from youtube and websites and I never stop until now. From time to time I learned to sew and bought myself a sewing machine. So this is how 'it' started.

Inspired by other crafters and DIYers, I move forward by having this blog aimed to share my story, meeting other crafters and who knows I might inspire other people to do so. If you have any.. anything to ask just drop an email to me or maybe you can visit my pinterest and see what are the thing that captures my attention or maybe you want to see some of my invention you can do so by following my instagram account. Till we meet again. Ciao!

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