Tuesday, 29 January 2013

how to make cheap craft labels

Edited version / Versi yang telah disunting

I believe many crafter out there have their own labels. Ececey.. Barulah korporat kan. There are so many methods to make your own label. Some are a bit costly and some of it are cheaper. It all depend on material, and techniques that you use. So this is how i make my own labels. I am using microsoft publisher to design my labels. (Publisher is the most easiest for me since i am not familiar with photoshop or illustrator). At first, i print my labels using printer at home and it is such a waste because my printer's ink running out very fast. Not recommended at all! 

So this is the alternative. Instead of printing everything using a printer at home, I. decided to print only a master copy of the labels in a piece of A4 paper and make photocopies of it on craft papers. And the result is awesome. It save me a lot of money!! I choose craft paper because it has that handmade looks and use black colour because it cheap. Colour photocopy can cost you a lot of money. Why spend more money on printing if you have other alternative? 

Close up of my own labels. I am now in preparing my own labels beacuse I will give my own handmade products as door gifts during my wedding. So the labels will comes along with the door gifts. Marketing strategy katanya. Sekali orang dapat door gift terus buang.. Uwaaaaaa.. Nanes lah aku cenggitu..!!!

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