Monday, 19 November 2012

Making messenger bag for kids

Groupon is selling a longcamp tote for RM300.00++. That is the price after 30% less, meaning that the actual price is over RM 500.00++!!!!!!! This is ridiculous ok!!!! Who's paying RM 500.00++ for a bag with single compartment (or maybe two, if they have another compartment inside) and made out of  plastic material(i don't even know what is the name for it).. eh ada ek orang gila kaya macam tu??

I make a messenger bag for my brother out of fabric stash of my baju raya fabric and linen fabric that i bought at RM 15.00 for a yard and he loves it! So this is what i like about making things. You make something for someone you love and the feeling is priceless. My brother requested me to make this messenger bag for him because he wants to keep his tablet and easy for him to take it everywhere he goes. 

I come across to this pattern by zaaberry while i was pinning something on pinterest. Her tutorial is very clear and easy for a beginner sewer like me to understand. So i would like to share the picture of my bag making to all of you. And yes, making you own bag is fun... and cheap too!!  =P

I cut the fabric using scissor only. I will definitely going to buy a rolling cutter which is much more convenient to use i guess. 

This is how it is looks without lining. 

I know this is so unprofessional, using a headband to make the cursive effect for bag flap. 

 This is my first experience sewing curve and believe me, it is challenging. But Alhamdulillah my sewing skills is getting better.

I need to sew this twice just to make sure that it is secure enough. 

 The most toughest part is to sew the lining. Phew!

 Tadaaaaaa. Finish product! I can't wait to get my brother wearing it and snap his picture. :)

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