Tuesday, 2 October 2012

It is yoyo fabric flower y'all....!

If you feel like you want to make your own fabric flower, yoyo fabric flower would be a a good start. This is too easy even for a person who don't even know how to sew, like me.. In making a yoyo flower, i prefer to use cotton fabric with various colours and prints. It will turn up to be a cute, unique and attractive decorative items that you can put on your hair clip, pins, bag, pillow, or anything you can think of. I am making it as one of the favours during my wedding too! 

How to do it????
Cut the fabric in circle. Don't worry, any size will work. It is depend on how big you want your flower to be. Just try an error. I make few yoyo flower with different size until i  get the actual size that i wanted :). And don't be afraid to play with colours. I used fabric with striking colours and match it with buttons of different colours. Well.. colour block is the current trend right?

Sew along the circle using "jahit jelujur". ok someone please google translate it for me cause i really don't know how to translate the term in English. :P As you reach the end of the cirlce just pull along the thread and the circle will turn into a yoyo automatically. Maybe that is why they name it as yoyo i guess. And the finished product will looks like this. 


Applying button on it. 


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