Friday, 19 July 2013

Repurpose detegent bottle into store room storage

The first thing I learned after reading hundreds of organizing blog is box, container or jar are important to keep our home organize. Just imagine, you have an elegant shelf with bright colour but you just throw all your clutter on the shelf without organizing it in box. For me it is messy. That is why we need box to keep things organize and clean. Speaking about box, I believe IKEA is the best solutions to get all the cute and pretty boxes. I used Kvarnvik boxes from IKEA to keep my crochet yarns organize and I aimed to buy more boxes from IKEA to decorate my not so new house after we move in.

Kvarnvik boxes from IKEA (mine is in white colour)

But sometimes spending few bucks just to get small boxes to organize your stuff can be such a waste. Especially if you are planning to reorganize your store room or other rooms that people seldomly enter. So, instead of buying, why don't you DIY your own small container or box?

I have a lot of used detergent bottle in my house. At first I was thinking to send it to recycle centre. That is what we usually do. But this time i am thinking to make some thing out of it. Inspired by one of the tutorial that i found on the net, i have turned the used detergent bottle into store room storage to keep small things like nails, screw, unused door knob, etc.This is cool!

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