Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ravelry dan Pinterest

Tahu tak apa saya buat ketika melayari internet berjam-jam dengan khusyuknya? 
Facebook? Bukang. 
Youtube ? Kurang tepat. 
Baca blog orang ? Hampir tepat.. Tapi ada lagi. 
Tumblr ? Baru sign up tapi tak tahu guna sangat. Yer. I is noob uols. 
Jawapannya ialah 
Tak lain dan tak bukan Ravelry dan Pinterest... 

Jangan google ravelry dan pinterest hokayy... Ia ialah dua makhluk yang berbeza. Ravelry ialah database untuk pattern crochet dan knitting. Like the most bigggest database ever (tahap dewa dewi punya). There you can find thousand of crochet and knitting pattern both for free and paid. But i is so miskin so i download yang free sahaja. 

Once you sign up for the account your are eligible to download all the free patterns and save the patterns in your own library. Meaning that if you want to refer back to the pattern you don't need to search for it all over again. Just go to your library and tadaaaaaaaa it is there. Jimat masa. So normally what i do is during office hour i will search for the patterns and save it and when i am back at home i am ready to crochet. Bijak kann?

Snippets of my library

Jadi inilah rupa ravelry nyaaa... Lebih kurang macam facebook juga, u can add friend, send message, upload your finish project, liking-liking, join groups. I is member of kuala lumpur knitter okay in case if you wanna know.. So this is where knitter and crocheters from all sround the world bersosial sesama depa. But nowadays saya dah semakin kurang dengan ravelry sebab saya dah jumpa.......


Pinterest ini macam best gila ganda duaaaa... 

What is pinterest?. Pinterest is like your online pin board, where you can pin and save anything you found on the internet and put it under different boards in your own profile. So it is not limited only to craft and art but almost everything like fashion, travelling, diy project, home decor, weddings, sewing project etc. Through pinterest you can now say goodbye to all unorganize folder in your computer. Using pinterest you can look back at what you have browse before in anytime and anywhere. No more "alaaaa kat mana ek aku jumpa website yang tunjuk cara nak buat bla bla bla bla".... "kat mana ek aku jumpa gambar bla bla bla"... "kat mana ek aku simpan link yang bla bla bla.." craft blogger paling afdal sign up pinterest ni. Tak payah susah-susah nak copy paste link dekat word file before nak karang entry (ke aku je buat macam ni). 

So this is how pinterest looks like.. Very the cantiks and user friendly you knowwww... 

This is list of my pins and boards.  Gambar tak payah besar-besar lah yer. Malu. hiks 

Oh lupa nak bagitahu pinterest ni pon boleh boleh liking-liking and follow-follow. Twitter sangat kannn.. 

Happy ravelrying and pinning!

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